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3 Reasons That Make Women Lose Interest In Relationships

Many partners struggle with keeping the sparks of love. When it becomes hard to feel love in a relationship, one or both partners have lost interest. 

Usually, men have the responsibility of keeping the sparks and fun in a relationship. When most women see that the man is failing to kindle the relationship, their passions towards the man slowly begin to fade out. The following points are some of the reasons why women lose interest in a man. 


1. Disrespecting her: When a man is pursuing a woman, he often shows a lot of respect for the lady. Showing up as a gentleman is pivotal to secure a woman’s heart and interest. The fact is, every man will always esteem the woman he sees as important in his life affairs. When a man disrespects his woman, it shows that you don't value her; so she will lose interest. 

You should communicate respect by listening to her opinions and communicating your appreciation to her.

 2. Intimacy is no longer interesting: She will lose interest when lovemaking with her man becomes forced and boring. Lovemaking is all about stimulating both the physical and emotional portion of the people engaged in it. A man shouldn't make intimacy all about himself.

Your woman does not want to feel like she's working to satisfy you during intercourse. Show her that you care about her by exploring different ways she loves. 

3. She does not feel special anymore: Most connections begin because of special memorable moments. It's the job of the man to keep the lady’s mind in a special atmosphere when she's with him. Know that setting yourself apart from others by the way you made her feel special was the reason she fell for you.

You have to show her that she is the best woman for you. Every lady wants to stay in the space where she feels special, so prove to her that you're that space. 

4. She does not know where she stands in the relationship: Women start losing interest when the man fails to communicate the status of their relationship. When a relationship grows with time, it's the man’s responsibility to show how serious he's with the lady.

Always showing your high level of engagement shows your woman you value her and want to be with her in the long term. 

5. Cheating on her: Cheating breaks trust and interest. There's nothing that portrays men as immature and insincere as cheating. However, your lady definitely won't feel romantically safe with you, If you have cheated. 

The only option if you cheated is to show, with a lot of commitment and action, that you're sorry and want to come better for the relationship. 

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