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Can Love Be Faked By People?

False love is sadly too common in today's world . Sometimes friendship which has grown for a long time tend to look like love but deep down there isn't any affection, the growth for a long time just make it look like love. It is common knowledge that genuine love is characterized with two people who want to grow together. It implies that both partners will be generous.

So yes love can be faked. As awful as it sounds people fake the feeling alot and most of this people fake it for financial stability or material things. A reminder of reality is that, fake love don't last. Since it's a sham, it ends when the target is lost.

Overtime, history has even reported stories of fake love, for example can one say that Delilah loved Samson even when she caused his Downfall? the answer is No. Also, Moremi faked her love For the leader of the Igbo clan so that she could learn the secret of the clan.

Some other people have said that love can be faked by fake people for their selfish and wicked intention such as revenge and deceit .

people can use love as a wiggle room, and we have seen that in our world. As for the youths falling in love out there, the advice is to seek more godly and faithful partner. Nothing else, nothing less.

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