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GUYS: Six signs that show she likes you

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In today's article i will show you simple and easy techniques to follow in order to know who really is crushing on you. Let's quickly hop into the article.

Sometimes it can be really hard to tell if you like a girl, and even harder to tell if she likes you back. Start by reflecting on your feelings to see whether you are really intrested and willing to take things far more to the next level. Once you know or understand your own feelings, look for some tell tale signs that she's falling for you too.

Here is what you should do

1. Determining if she is intrested.

Establish eye contact to see how intense her gaze is.

Not all girls are as bold though, so if you catch her eye and she demurely looks away, this might be a sign that she likes you or have feelings for you.

2. Take note if she flirtatiously breaks the "touch barrier" with you.

Think about if she's ever brushed up against your arm, or lightly touched your knee, chest or shoulder. If she makes effort to get close enough to you to make some kind of innocent physical contact, she is most likely to tell you that she is intrested in you as more than just a friend.

3. See if she texts or calls you often.

If she always comment on your social media posts or responds right away to your messages or sends you the first text, you are definitely in front of her mind.

4. Notice whether she talks about you and her as a unit word.

If she constantly use the word "us", "we" or whether she refers to a larger friend group. For instance, "you and i should go!" Suggest that she likes you as a friend.

5. Listen up when she mentions future things you could do together.

This indicates that she wants to spend time with you and wants you to stick around for a while. If she says something about a future date idea, like, "you and i should go watch that movie when it comes out". Or more sentences she would involve you in, just take it as a good sign.

6. When you are talking in person, pay attention to her.

This is very important because girls feel comfortable talking to a guy who gives her a lot more of his attention.

Now pay attention to know when she is blushing or gets into fits of nervous laughter, or can't stop smiling. If she shows some of these signs, there is a good chance that she might be crushing on you.

Well if you can successfully detect the above attributes in a girl, shoot your shot, she is the one.

Thanks for your time, don't forget to like comment and share.

Have you seen any of the above attributes in a girl you find yourself talking to?.

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