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3 Reason Why Your Husband Lost Interest in You

Several factors keep the man faithful to his vows of marriage. Many wives have lost their husbands and homes to other women because they have not been able to understand and control any of these factors.When a woman fails to stay on the positive side of these factors, her husband may lose interest in her for other women who remain on their positive side. Indeed, because of this, many husbands have lost interest in their wives.

Men, by natural world, are restless and more likely to be impecunious, while women, on the other hand, are more relaxed, more homely and prefer the gentle side of life. In addition, while most men are more likely to sow wild oats praising themselves for conquest, most women are more willing to settle in a permanent and comfortable role.A woman by definition has nothing to do with what she sees. She can see an attractive man, admire him, and almost immediately change her attention to something else. Men, on the other hand, would spend more time contemplating almost every beautiful lady he comes across because men are moved by what they see.

To retain your man's attention on you, and not on other seemingly more attractive women outside, do the following daily.

1. Men love pretty women, so package yourself.

It's not surprising that people are drawn to what they see. As a wife, you must always be attractive to your husband.

Don't let him feel that you are less desirable to him than he was when he first met you. Unfortunately, most women feel that because they are now married and take care of their family, they no longer need to make themselves attractive to their husbands. They say no man looks at me, after all, he's already married.

Let me make this clear to you. That your unkempt and fragrant body is one of the most important reasons, your husband has lost interest in you. You tie the wrapper like a village lady, making your boobs look like two slippers on your chest; you covered your hair with a dirty and fragrant net while your husband is at home with you.

You expect him to be interested in you, despite this messy look. He's still holding off. His mind is going to wander to that baby in his office who looks kept, clean and well scented. No man ever wants a woman who has lost her life in the process of raising a family, looking old and unkempt.

It is a great responsibility to take care of the family. That doesn't mean you're going to have to ignore your look in the process. Look good, smell amazing, feel good, feel good. Let him always see the girlfriend he's married, not the mother of his children, or the housekeeper you've turned around. Enable him to feed his eyes with all the curves in his body and avoid wearing a maxi all the time.

Place on skimpy dresses and glamorous makeup with a lovely hairstyle. Not only when you go out, but also when you dress up and look nice at home. No man wants to have an old bride around him. Irrespective of your vocation or occupation, make sure you 're packed as a wife for your boyfriend.

Quite often realize that it is in a man 's DNA to be attracted to beautiful women. Wives, please don't allow age, baby, lifestyle, commitment and stress to change the way you look and feel.

2. All Men love sexy women and exciting sex

Men need to have SEX. My dear sister, your husband needs sex to live in the same way that he needs food. It's good for his health at least three or more times a week. Without regular sex, men are more vulnerable to prostrate ill health. Besides the health part of it, he also wants some sex excitement.

He loves variations, not just a boring repetitive service. The desire for diversity is a big reason why people are finding multiple sex partners. He's lost interest in you because you've moved away from the class of women who can fill this need for him, all in the name of your child care and home. In order to make your situation worse, you leave all the initiatives to him during the few times you make love now.

You lie on the floor like a log of wood, taking everything it has to give, without giving something in return. Most of the time, you still excuse yourself from having sex by moaning about tiredness. My dear, you 're about to be replaced if you don't change your dance steps right now. One of the most important ways to remain relevant to your husband's life is to be his sexual goddess.

And don't get me wrong; you 're not his property or his sex object. But you're married to him, and both of you need sex to stay alive. It takes two more to tango. Lovemaking requires two people who are involved. Step up your game, spice up your sex life by taking care of your bedroom. Invest in some sexy lingerie and make every moment count.

Sometimes don't wait for him to make his first move. Let him know that you need him, and that you want him. Whisper's sweet nothings to his ears, move your fingers all over him seductively, while you keep opening your clothes just enough to entice him. Make him want you to do that. Existence is deliberate. Be willing to keep your God as one and only man to always come back for more of you.

3. Men love peaceful women and children Extremely neat homes. 

The pressure of living in today's world is overwhelming. After a day's work, a man should at least earn the right to go back to a clean , neat and peaceful home.

As a woman, one of your responsibilities is to ensure that he gets this. What kind of environment did you build at home for your husband? Is he coming home to meet his beloved wife, all ready to welcome him back to a clean, peaceful house? Or is he coming home to face an unclean home and a nagging wife? If he comes home daily to a dirty home where you swim and kill him with your tongue,

They 're going to lose interest in you, seek solace outside, and go back to bed to avoid another episode of your ranting. In plain terms, he's going to stay late at night and who knows a side chick.

May the LORD give you more wisdom, knowledge and understanding in your marriage.

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