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The Effect Of Listening To What Others Say About You

In the world we live in, we are bound to hear many views concerning any subject you can think of. When it comes to the way you carry yourself about, people will always want you to behave in a certain way while others can accept you just the way you are.

The fact is no one is perfect, but many have not yet come to terms with this fact. People will always want to change you but this doesn't happen automatically, they try using different media and one of the most powerful is the ear.

If you constantly listen to what people say about you, it will make you either worse or better.

Let's consider this short story. Once upon a time, there lived a man, his wife and his donkey. One day they all embarked on a long journey, the man and his wife were both sitting on the donkey alongside the luggage's. As they passed by the people by the way side, they heard them saying what a wicked husband and wife, do they want to kill the poor donkey with so much load, the man and his wife immediately alighted off the donkey's back and decided to walk by it throughout the journey. Along the way, they came across a different set of people saying what a foolish man and wife, they are walking on foot while the donkey is free. The man and wife again climbed the donkey, and this continued till they finally got to their destination.

The message I'm passing across is that you should learn to carefully analyze the information you receive from others before you apply to yourself, as this could make or mar you. This has been the cause of many indulging into social vices simply because of peer pressure and it has also led to the uplifting of others, it all depends on how you apply what you hear.

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