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6 Benefits Of Marrying A Virgin

One of the greatest evils that have pervaded our current generation is the rate of sexual promiscuity, especially among young people. Many people think intercourse is free; however, have you ever questioned why there is a gate known as the hymen? Have you ever questioned why God cautiously located a membrane of blood in a lady’s sexual opening? This is god’s way of pronouncing whoever plunges into this girl shall solely be capable to do so by making a blood covenant to be joined to her for the rest of his life. So many guys also think being a virgin is especially for women alone but this is wrong. 

Below are some advantages of marrying a virgin

1. A virgin has much less chance of contracting sexually transmitted disease. The simple reason is that since she has no sexual relationship with anyone, she has less chance of contracting it. So no need to panic as the husband.

2. Marrying a virgin offers you peace and clarity of mind due to the fact some enter into marriage to later find out that their associate has other children outside their marriage.

3. Promiscuity leads to the sin of abortion. Many females who are no longer virgins have done this several times for their so-called boyfriend, not bearing in mind the future consequences. Most females have misplaced their wombs through this process however when you marry a virgin, you keep away from this threat of marrying a slot.

4. When you marry a virgin, the chance of dishonesty is low due to the fact you are certain you are the only man or woman in her life. 

 5. As a lady one of the things you will be proud of is to instruct your children, particularly your female children that you married as a virgin thus laying a good example for them to follow.

6.  Have you ever wondered why some people who are on the path to success or who are successful begin to crash after marriage? The simple reason is that in quantum mechanics, we are made of matter and energy and our body is continually in the state of vibration, hence when you sleep with someone you are not married with or you fornicate around, you tend to pick up the energy and vibration of such a person. even if you sleep with 100 men, you pick up the spirit of those 100 men. Now men, when you marry such a lady, immediately you have sex with her, you both share those spirits and energy of those me. Some of those spirits may be bad luck, poverty etc. That is why you will avoid many things when you marry a virgin. 

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