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Women, Here Are What To Do When Your Man Is No Longer Interested In Intimacy With You

There are some times in a relationship where your man will feel so disinterested in getting intimate with you. Ever experienced this in your relationship before? A lack of s*x in a relationship is usually not the problem. It’s a symptom of something else going on. Your man might not be at his best mood, or something might be bothering him at the moment and all he might need is some time off.

So, instead of throwing tantrums and nursing suspicions, here is what to do when your man is disinterested in getting intimate with you.

1. You should look at yourself and know what you want.

Are you interested in s*x? Or do you feel that it is a mandatory part of any relationship? Do you want it with him? These are few questions you need to ask yourself, because it will help determine what you want in the relationship.

2. You should look at your past, and look what did change.

Was he interested in s*x at the beginning? Were you? Did you have a fight or quarrel or misunderstanding, are any of you more depressed?

3. You should decide what you want.

If you are happy in that s*xless relationship, and he looks happy, is there anything that needs to change? Were you used to have great intimacy and you want it back? Are you OK with him not enjoyig it, if he was always like that? (You cannot change others. You can only change yourself. If he has not interest in it, you can’t make him interested)

In short, know what you want, and what you can change with yourself. If your solution is to ask him to change, it’s not gonna work in any meaningful way.

4. You should have an open and heartfelt discussion with him.

Once you know what you want, talk to him about how your lack of s*x is affecting you. Ask him if there are any problems. Be open. Don't accuse him.

An open, heart-to-heart discussion to work together on finding the cause is, I believe, the best way to deal with most issues.

Thanks for reading.

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