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Literature Poetry

Fiction: My Husband's secret

When I had gotten Married to him, I felt for once in my life like the happiest woman on earth. I had know him for only Three months and when he proposed to me I accepted because I grew to love him... blindly.

I am currently in the guests room bathroom, locked up by my maniacal Husband who I once thought was my prince charming. I am shattered and broken because I have lost every hope of seeing the Next day. So before I die..I would like to share with you the reason why all women should never be an opportunitists when it comes to marriage. I pray that somehow this latter gets to you even though I might be dead by then, the fool locked me up without taking away my phone or bag. So I have contacted my best friend to bring the police along as I fear that my Husband would do something drastic.

Just this Morning my husband who had been working online due to the Covid-19 protocols giving to him by his employer was left to stay at home while I Resumed my work as a banker. Around 12:23pm I developed a serious headache and I asked to take leave in other to rest. I wanted to call my husband but I decided not to as I already had the keys to the house. When I got home, I realized that our gateman was not around and the gate was Opened, this annoyed me and frightened me alittle because I felt like the house had been robbed or something. Going to the front door, I was unable to Open it because it was locked from the inside. I tried calling my husband but his number was switched off.

Tired and frustrated I immediately tried going through The back door as I was the last person that locked it. Luckily it opened and I got in. When I got to the living room I heard a really loud music upstairs in one of the guest rooms. I wondered if my husband was having a little solo party.

Climbing upstairs I reached the room, alittle Scared I could also hear his voice, he was a Evil person, like a sadist. I immediately pushed the door and was shocked to see My husband on a Little girl who was handcuffed and bleeding. I Screamed so loud My husband who was a bit shocked Looked at me with Anger....I wanted to Run but I didn't...I couldn't.

He stood up from the lying and bleeding girl who's legs were wide apart and moved towards me still Naked. He pulled me by the hair and locked me inside the bathroom while muttering that I shouldn't have seen that.

He hasn't come to Me since that time, and I have been here for hours, my headache keeps getting worse as I write but I have to. Taking pictures of this later I sent it to my friend...i feel giddy. I feel miserable and weak...

I hid the letter well and my phone too. Slowly I didn't realize that death was coming, I was about to stand up when I slipped and hit my head on the bathtub. Slowly closing my eyes my last prayer as I thought was for you all to see or hear this story.

Some how I was saved by the police and my friend. I really think God gave me another Chance to tell this story.

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