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Women Find it Hard to Resist Guys with these 5 Things

Have you been wondering why women reject your proposals? It might be because you lack those things that get their attention, those things they look out for in guys. You need to know what women want, what attracts them to guys, for you to have a successful relationship with them, and even for you to get them to accept your proposals.

In this article, I will be showing you five things that women find hard to resist in guys, pay attention and read along.

1. Beards 

Women like guys that have beards, they find it very attractive. So if you want girls to like you, if you want them to start lurking around you, you may need to start developing your beards or start applying beard oil, to grow your beards.

2. Good look

This is another thing that women find hard to resist in guys. They like it when a guy has good looks and is very presentable. The reason behind this is because they like to brag about their man in the presence of their friends, so when their man has a good look, it gives them an edge whenever they are doing the bragging.

3. Pot-bellied stomach

Guys used to think that women are only attracted to six-packs, but the truth is women prefer men with a potbelly. The reason is that women like a guy that will make them feel secured and matured whenever they are together, and that exactly is how they feel whenever they are with a man that has a potbelly.

So you don't need to start going to the gym every time before you date the woman you like.

4. Fancy cars

Women also like guys that have fancy cars, especially trending cars. It's an easy way to get a woman's attention. That explains why men go to bars with their fancy card and swing their car keys whenever they are trying to get a woman's attention. 

So if you want women to find it hard to res is you, you may need to work hard and buy one of those fancy cars.

5. Good job

Women find it hard to resist guys that have good jobs, it's an easy way to get women's attention. If you have a good job where you earn a hefty salary, it will be easier for you to get the attention of the woman that you like.

If you have any addition to this, you can drop it in the comment section for others to learn from it.

Content created and supplied by: Sex-Analyst (via Opera News )



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