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4 Years After My Ex-boyfriend Broke up with me that I'm not a Virgin, He came back to Beg me - Lady

Many people in life had dreams of whom they hope to spend their lives with, whom they can always be happy about they settled for, and when such isn't coming, it starts looking to them like they already failed in their life choices. Many men dreamt marrying a working class lady, some others dreamt of marrying a virgin girl but most times, they pay little attention in keeping themselves chaste until marriage. You can't be having sexual intercourse with some lady and still hope to marry a virgin someday, it is just you, being unfair in your game.

A lady while responding to a man's disappointing tale of how his ex-girlfriend, once told him she's convinced of marrying a medical doctor despite knowing he's a graduate of Geography, and was even working as a Customer Service Representative then.

The lady took to the comment section to narrate how her ex-boyfriend broke up with her, in her final year on the basis that she isn't a virgin. It pained her so much as she remembered all the good things she'd done for him, that she almost even begged to be his side babe. 4 years after that and she's back from Singapore, the ex-boyfriend came back to her, asking to reconcile with her because his present wife who's apparently a virgin, wasn't able to give him a child.

Having a dream of whom you want to settle down with is cool, but as you make such choices, try making sure your own part of that choice is met, especially when it deals with virginity.

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