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7 Reasons Why Hugging Is Good For You And Your Lover

Many people hug without knowing what it does in reality. We hug simply because we feel emotional, we want to support or calm someone down, or to show that we have missed someone so much. All these are actually the reasons why people hug, but the question is, is this the actual reason why you should hug more in a relationship or marriage? Let's find out below.

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Before I take you down to the reasons why you should make hugging a priority in your relationship or marriage, it is important that you understand what hugging actually does to your body.

Medically, hugging is good for you and your partner. Each time a person hugs, there is secretion of a hormone known as oxytocin. This hormone is dubbed as "cuddling hormone". It is released naturally in the brain and it helps in bonding and strengthening interpersonal relationship.

It is also said to have the ability to lover blood pressure and heart rate. It promotes feeling of contentment and belonging. Now that you have understood the medical effect of hugging, I think it is high time we drove down to the subject matter.

Below, you will find the reasons why you should hug your lover or partner more.

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1. Brings in or improves physical attraction.

Hugging your lover will make you know them more. Just like kissing, hugging will make you more physical and emotionally connected to your lover or partner.

It will be nice to complement a hug with nice compliments.

2. It is a good way to settle conflict.

Fighting or having misunderstanding is common in a relationship and marriage. Should I say it is normal? Every relationship and marriage experiences misunderstanding. Hugging can bring you back again after a fight.

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3. Makes your love deeper.

Hugging brings you and your lover more closely. This will bring more understanding between the two of you, thereby deepening your love for each other.

4. Makes you and your lover feel secured.

Trust is created or improved with every genuine hug from a loved one. Constantly hugging your lover will create an unbreakable trust in him or her. This has a way of improving your relationship or marriage.

5. It kills emotional and physical stress.

Does your lover think so much? Or is he or her stressed? give him or her a genuine hug. It will make him feel relaxed. All the negative thoughts in his or her mind will be offloaded. They will feel better with your hug.

6. It makes you and your lover feel loved and cared for.

Hugging is a sign of true love. You can only hug someone you love, unless you are pretending to love them. If you always hug your lover, you are making him or her feel loved and cared for.

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7. It creates comfort and brings about produces smile.

Have you noticed that you and your lover usually feel comfortable after a hug? You should also observe that you feel more happy after a hug. That smile that is usually seen on your lover's face after a hug is produced by the hug.

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