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What men do secretly when they crush on ladies

Ladies this are what most men do secretly when they crush on you guys. These are things they never want you to know.

As emotionally strong as naija men would claim they are, they absolutely behave like children when in love. In this write-up I bring to you certain attitudes that Nigerian men exhibit when they admire ladies.

Monitor you online

The guy would never let a chance of seeing your profile picture go to waste. He will religiously follow your posts, watch your comments and those you associate with. 

Checks himself whenever he remembers you

Most men would deny this, but the fact is that they do it. Whether it’s intentional or not is another conversation. This is when someone decides to watch his diet, the way he stands i.e. posture and try whitening the teeth. While some take the ultimate to visit gym to get muscular (especially if the lady would see he there).

Smiles when he remembers you

Irrespective of where it happens, the guy sure would put out a smile. He’s already a baby now.

Willing to quit addiction

Men are willing to change to get a lady’s attention. However faking it may happen but quite a good number of guys do change. Habits like smoking, drinking, rouged lifestyle and pornography are likely to be put away or the least become reduced.

Becomes your bodyguard

Once a guy starts to flirt unusually, ladies beware. Though some may not have that in mind, others may. His body language changes whenever another guy comes to you. He literally doesn’t want any guy to have contacts with you.

Becomes very caring

Once that guy who seem too serious to notice you then becomes caring to you, it is almost clear he’s crushing on you. Most guys when in love would find your dry jokes funny. And even go to the point of changing their plans all because of the lady. At that point the lady is a queen.

Proud of your achievements

They tell their friends about you. Feel very happy about them.

What do you think i missed? 

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