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OPINION: Why Most Women Are Happier Without Children Or A Spouse

Before I proceed further, What do you think about the claim that "Women are happier without children or a spouse"?

I personally believe it to be true, provided the woman isn't in a society which constantly exerts pressure on her to get married and have children, or where a single woman may seem vulnerable to male predators. Nope, I am not feminist! And the above statement was not sarcastic but genuine

I have been in relationship. I have been single. I have seen people in love and marriage. And I have realised being single is most fun.

This is because, as the saying goes, "two swords can't be kept in one holder". In marriage, one must bow down to the will of the partner to maintain the peace of home.

I have seen men in my close circle sacrificing their personal choice, hobbies, in some cases even friend circle or parents to appease their wives and maintain peace. I have learnt just the opposite happens to women in more patriarchal societies where women give up everything to become a perfect wife.

The basic point is one must make sacrifices to keep their families intact.

Only exclusion is the couple who are either perfect match for each other (like their hobbies, choices, views are very much similar so none have to sacrifice much) or where one party is so much obsessed with the other that he or she doesn't care about what is going to be sacrificed in order to stay with his or her obsession - a blissful servitude.

So, an independent woman (in an open society or with strength to avoid or ignore societal pressure) can actually live more happily without the drama and tension of married life and children.

What will be she missing?

S*x? I don't think so, if you get the drift.

Companionship? She can always get good friends to have good time with (unless she is clingy and always need someone to cling on or to pamper her - which in some cases, getting married is a good idea I would suggest).

Some elders used to tell me that you need children to look after you at old age. Now, I show them the parents who are getting evicted from their home by their children, or work as free servants for their children, or just left to die and rot alone.

Still if the maternal instinct gets her, the woman can adopt an orphan. It would not only help her to have motherly experience, but also help a poor child to get a good life.

I personally believe, be it man or woman, unless you find a perfect match think twice before getting married and either make yourself or your partner enter lifelong servitude or end up trapped in loop of marriage-divorce-marriage.

Consequently, Marriage doesn’t make people happy. Secure people tend to be happily married or happily single. Insecure people tend to be miserably married or miserably single.

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