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3 Things You Should Do For Him If You Are Sure He Loves You

As a woman you should be very careful the kind of things you do for a man especially if you are not sure of his love for you, but as a woman if you are sure of his love for you there are some certain things that you should do for him. Below are 3 things you should do for him if you are sure he loves you:

1.) Plan ahead with him: If you are sure that he loves you then you should always endeavor to plan ahead with him, always try to plan all aspects of your life together covering all angles once you are certain of his love for you.

2.) Invest in him: If you are sure that you man loves you then you shouldn't hesitate to invest positively in him, when your man loves you always try to make it a point of call to invest in him wisely so he grows himself better.

3.) Pray for him: I am not saying that you should only pray for a man that loves you and not pray for one that doesn't love you, what I mean is that you should be more direct and intentional about your prayers towards him like praying God gives him the heart of a good husband.

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