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6 Signs A Girl Is Genuinely In Love With You

For you to know if a girl is genuinely in love with you, you have to watch her moves closely because when a girl loves you, she will start to act differently.

Here are the 6 signs a girl is genuinely in love with you.

1. She asks for your advice. When she wants to take an important decision, she will always ask for your opinion, regardless of what it’s about. She won't ask for your advice if she's doesn't respect, or appreciates you. The girl looks up to you in a positive way and wants to be your lover.

2. When she taps into your emotions. She will always try her best to tap into your emotions. For instance, when you are upset, she will focus on figuring out what is wrong, and she will find a way to make you feel better.

3. When she is honest with you. The girl will always be honest with you because she wants you to trust her. Whenever you ask for her opinion, she tells you her honest opinion. The girl sees you as someone special in her life.

4. Furthermore, she spends her extra time with you. When she does have free time, she tries to spend it with you or communicating with you. It shows that she makes you a priority. If a girl isn't into you, she won't be spending her time with you. It is only a girl who loves you that will make out time to see you.

5. She initiates physical touch when you are in public. When she sees you in public, she will likely do something that breaks the intimate "touch barrier". She will give you a sincere hug, and touch you a lot.

6. It is all about "we". The girl will always include you in her life, and she will always say words like "We will go together", and "We are not leaving now". If she doesn't have any feelings for you, she isn't going to use "we" if she is unsure about you.

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