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How To Talk To A Girl You Like When She Is With Her Friends

Some guys feel intimidated when they have to talk to a girl that is with a group of her friends, Guys find it hard to talk because they feel a bit awkward about expressing their feelings when there are too many people listening to the conversation.

However, there are ways you can approach the group without feeling weird about it, just know how to do the following things below.

1) Greet everyone in the group

Try as much as you can not to ignore the rest of the group when you are approaching them, yes I said "them", because you are not just meeting the girl, the rest of the group are also involved in the encounter. Greet and acknowledge everybody in the group so as not to appear rude to the others.

2) Apologise For Intruding

Do not miss this important step because it may be what determines how the rest of the group feel about you, a lady may like you but if the rest of her friends don't feel the same way, she may no longer show any interest in what you have to say.

They may have been in a deep conversation before you joined them, so you need to show that you are sorry for intruding into what they were taking about, this simple act may win them over to your side.

3) Compliment The Rest Of Her Friends

After Apologizing, you can smoothly add " I am sorry to intrude, you guys are beautiful by the way", or "your outfits looks really nice". No matter how little the compliment may appear to be, make sure to say it with confidence.

4) Politely Ask For Permission To Talk To The Girl You Like In Private.

After you have complimented them all, her friends will start liking your vibes and since you have gained a little trust, you can now ask for permission to talk to the girl you were eyeing at first.

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