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"When My Parents Say That I Have To Share The Bread With My Siblings" - And Other Funny Memes

Me when my parents say I should share the bread with my siblings.

Single me, looking at couples having a fight.

I haven't seen any post saying 2021 will be my year, what's happening?

Me coming back to the party after throwing up in the bathroom.

Me complaining that I have no social life when in reality I love staying at home and not talking to anyone for several days in a row.

My grandma 13,000 miles away when she hears me whisper that I'm hungry.

When you're an adult and now you have to go to the doctors alone.

Me when someone asks me what kind of friend I am.

GTA pedestrians seeing me driving towards them at 140mph.

How I lose weight at the beginning of the week vs how I gain weight at the end of the month.

Even the door handle looked surprised when I pulled it off accidentally.

When you see the first question on your final exam and you already know that you're going to fail.

Me when I'm leaving work everyday.

How night cold hits the body vs how morning cold hits the body.

Me on job applications saying I work very well under pressure.

Me with $5 when the salesman says that the phone I want to buy is $700.

When a girl visits you and loses her earrings in your bed and you look for it for weeks but didn't find it but your girlfriend comes around and sees it on the pillow.

Who else thinks that the tap water in the kitchen is cleaner than the one in the bathroom.

Before you leave that marriage, remember that an innocent cow died because of you.

We ugly boys don't cheat because when we get caught, it takes us another two years to get a girlfriend.

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