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See What Every Man Wants From Women

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All men have one thing in common. They want the best anytime it comes to their choice of a woman. For some men, an educated woman is what they want, others might want a beautiful lady, while some would want a lady that can "perform in the other room." We have summarized some important things men want in ladies. Please read this article to the end.(interesting pictures are embedded.)

1. Ability To Keep Romantic conversations

Every man wants a woman that will talk to him in a way that will lift his mood. Men like romantic women, women that call, chat, and text passionately with them. Women should learn how to chat and text romantic messages to men. Also do somethings that will raise their emotions. Buy him gifts, ask him to come home to get it himself, do fun things for him. Men love romance and if you do these, they will love you deeply.

2. Good Health and Fitness

No matter what you think, every man wants a lady that is fit, strong and healthy. No man wants to be with you and then you explode and become fat with many complications. Women should therefore exercise regularly and watch their health.

3. Cleanliness and Smartness

One attribute men look out for when the want a woman, is cleanliness. Men like ladies who are conscious of their hygiene and appear clean and attractive. Women should also learn to be vibrant and smart.

4. Women Who Pay Attention To Them

Although men seem to be very strong emotionally, they need their spouse to give them attention. Men want ladies to listen to them, reach out to them and make them feel they are being cared for.

5. Beautiful Ladies

There is no man that doesn't like a beautiful lady. Although like they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Women should learn how to beautify themselves and appear beautiful.

6. Women Who Surprises Them

One very big turn on for men is when a lady surprises them. Prank him and surprise him with gifts he didn't expect. Buy them gifts and cook them their special meal when they don't expect it.

7. A Hard-working Woman

Men love women who put effort in anything they find themselves doing. They love to know that a lady can fend for herself, manage a business, make wealth and utilize time. They love a fast thinker and a woman who knows how to exploit resources around her effectively and constantly.

8. A Spiritually Strong Woman

Above all, men want a woman who could spiritually back the up as the venture in their breadwinner role. Every man wants a praying woman, and he will see her as a backbone.

9. Classy Women

Men want women that are classy. These are women that no matter their age, location or any other factor, have a constant pattern of life and a level that they can't go below.

10. Women Who Love Children

This is a very essential need for men. They always want a woman who can manage their homes together with them and also partner in raising children.

There are more things that men look for in women. But those listed above are very essential to many men.

What do you think? What do you think is missing? Are they too much?

Please, your comments will be needed, both the men and the ladies.

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