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"I Went On A Date With A Man But His Car Was Bashed & Brought Out Matchet To Chase The Driver" -Lucy

Many people have had many experiences from their past relationships which they have forgotten but some experiences may never be forgotten or erased from the memory.

A popular celebrity who seems to have experienced a very sad incident during a date with Abuja based man has revealed what happened after the date. 

According to BBNaija Lucy, she revealed that she once went on a date with a man who lived in Abuja but something happened on the road. She earned that her partner's car was based on the road by another car driver but what her boyfriend did next surprised her.

She started that her boyfriend went back to his car, checked under the seat, and brought out a cutlass which he used to scare the other driver. The other driver immediately ran away after he saw the cutlass but her partner didn't stop there, he chased the driver for a very long time before he stopped.

According to lucy, she said this is a very sad experience which she will never forget.

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