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Please Help! When A Guy Asks A Female This Question, What Does It Mean?

In a relationship, there is no particular manual so it can be very confusing sometimes in understanding how to handle one.

I have been out of the dating scene for a few years now so everything looks like I am starting afresh.

I have been talking with an Ekiti born guy who is based in Brazil and we have an intention of dating but in the stage of getting to understand each other first.

We have been constantly chatting for some months now and it's been sort of mixed feelings for me but I have been optimistic.

So earlier today as we always do, he chatted me up with some questions and it was: “If we start dating anytime soon and I come home, what will I enjoy from you?

The question threw me off balance as I couldn’t understand how or what to answer and I was left with no option than to ask what he meant because I don’t understand.

Although he responded saying he’s talking about my personality, the mind tells me that isn’t what he was talking about.

So I have been wondering what that word means because it sounds deeper than he explained it to be.

Please help me understand, when a guy asks a woman such a question, what exactly is he getting at, what’s the true meaning?

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