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2 attitudes which suggest a girl is in love with you but is not bold enough to tell you.

Most times when a girl is in love with you, she would not tell you. She would be expecting you to make the approach, although there are certain attitudes which she would exhibit towards you so that you may know that she is in love with you.

You should understand that it is not always common for a girl to approach a man to express her feelings towards him. A girl would always find it difficult to approach a man she truly love and express her feelings.

Then as a man, if you are quite observant, you would be able to read meaning into the girl's attitude towards you. In this situation, you do not have to do too much work in order kick off a relationship with her if you love her too.

If a girl is in love with you, these are two (2) of the attitudes which she would exhibit:

1. She would always give you attention and also seek your own attention. A girl who is in love with you would definitely be captivated by you. She would always give you attention and would always want you to notice her. She would also want you to notice how good or beautiful she is and would also seek to gain your attention.

2. She would always exhibit signs of jealousy whenever she sees you with another girl. This attitude would be so obvious if perhaps, she is staying close to you or work in the same environment with you.

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