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6 Things You Can do That Might Make Your Wife or Girlfriend Feel Special.

I am sure you want your woman to feel special and loved in your relationship. Well, if this is the case, I have some tips that will make this desire achievable. Below are some of them.

1. Make her breakfast.

I know this pattern might not be applicable to most men because of their routine, job or even culture. However; research has shown that most ladies feel extremely happy and special when their man in spite of his busy schedule make them breakfast. I am not implying this to be an everyday routine for the man, what I’m saying in essence is to at least break the chain of your woman always being the one to prepare your breakfast and that of the children’s. Doing this will make her feel special and will equally earn her respect as well.

2. Wake her softly in the morning with slight kisses on her forehead.

This is something you can do in the morning that will likely set her day running smoothly. The idea of kissing your woman slightly on the forehead or cheek symbolizes love, care, adoration and commitment; and believe me, doing this will most likely make her feel special.

3. Give her your full attention.

Giving your woman your full attention is another way of proving to her you love her and she means a lot to you. This can be done by being attentive to her emotional needs, showing care and concern for her wellbeing, and always giving her a listening ear.

4. Constantly remind her 'you love her'.

Just as children’s instinct, most women feel extremely happy and special when they are being professed love by their partner. Using such words on a regular basis will likely stir up a positive feeling and countenance in your woman.

5. Give her gifts and things she cherishes.

This can be done whenever you go out to work or even on a journey. In doing this, you don’t necessarily need to spend a fortune or rob a bank; all you need is to get her something within your capacity that she cherishes. 

6. Take her on a regular outing to fun and exciting places.

The idea of taking her outing to beautiful places that holds great memories and enthusiasm is to facilitate an atmosphere of love, care, humour and also to make her feel special. Such a gesture and practice will also increase the bond in your relationship.

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