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When a girl no longer sees you as a friend, you will notice these few things.

Emotional feelings are something that makes someone think extraordinary, take decisions, and at times do the unexpected. 

Inarguably when a guy loves he shows and goes all long for it. But girls do incredible things too when they are in love with a guy.

Understand this, no matter how close a girl may be with you when a girl's thinking is beyond friendship you will know. I will be listing a few steps a girl takes when she is in love.

(1). When a girl is picking up her phone to call you on a daily basis. These days friends' communication is based more on social media, but a girl is even calling you, she likes you

(2). When a girl is sending you lovely text messages, probably good morning and evening texts. It's also a sign that she is thinking of you.

(3). When a girl doesn’t care how much she spends on you just to make you feel happy. 

(4). When a girl starts feeling protective and jealous. A girl who is just a friend won't be troubled even if she sees you around another girl.

(5). When she is afraid of telling you something that may hurt your feelings. 

(6). When a girl is more scared of losing you than she scared of offending her parents or disobeying their instruction.

If you notice such signs in a girl who is close to you, she might be in love with you. Because love comes in either way.

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