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3 Reasons Why Men Pull Away In The Early Stages Of A Relationship

We have heard and seen cases of relationship that does not last a month before breaking up. For ladies, it can be so frustrating to keep changing men as if you're changing clothes. And at a point in life, you will feel like people are already counting it for you.

Instead of changing relationships, why not sit down and think through exactly what is causing early break-up in your relationship. Here are few reasons why most men pull away in the early stage of a relationship.

1. Fear

Fear causes most guys to pull away in the early stage of a relationship. Especially the fear of getting hurt, they might have start noticing some behaviors in you which they have experienced in their past relationships. So instead of waiting until they experience the same trauma, they will just simply chose to pull away. Also, feeling vulnerable to a woman can be so scary and uncomfortable for some men. If he is beginning to take a step backward and claiming that he needs some space for himself, it does not mean he doesn't want to be vulnerable with you. It just simply means that he wants to prepare himself and be sure that he is ready for it.

2. Stress

In some cases it might stress. Maybe stress he is going through at work or probably you're causing him stress at the early stage of the relationship. You just met a man today, and you have started disturbing him with your family or financial problem. He will definitely start to pull away before you go farther into the relationship. You should try and understand that bitter truth.

3. Pressure

The last reason here is pressure. The pressure might be coming from you, from his family or from his friends. But mostly the pressure comes from the lady. Maybe you start dating a guy today, and you have started discussing about how he should meet you parents and family. And then you keep pressuring him to get married to you, it will definitely make him pull out if that kind of relationship.

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