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10 Reasons Why Some Ladies Marry Late Or End Up Not Married

It is a fact that no lady want to get married late but rather they wish to marry at an appropriate time. But if you check around you would see well grown up ladies that are not married and some are getting married late. This begs for the question, why do some ladies get married late or end up not married?

Continue reading this article for you to be informed about 10 reasons why some ladies get married late which is against their wish. Some mistakes ladies make these days results in late late marriage or no marriage.

1. Bad Character: Some ladies character is bad to an extend that they cannot relate well with men. They are always rude to men even the ones that tossed them. Ladies with bad character lack the ability to respect. It is a fact that no man would like to marry a lady with bad attitude. If a lady did not change her bad character she may end up marrying late or not married.

2. High Taste: Many ladies these days have high taste. A good number of ladies want to get married to a "ready-made" husbands who are gainfully employed so that they would be showering money on them. For instance a girl who grew up in a local house and has not been educated well would like to marry a Ph.D holder who is living in mansion with not less than for cars packed and often travel to outside countries.

3. Indecent Dressing: The way a lady dressed is the way she would be addressed. Consequently, if a lady dressed immodestly like a harlot, there is no doubt that she would be referred to as a harlot. Some ladies are not aware that your mode of dressing portrays dignity. I assure you that no man would like to marry a harlot or old woman looking lady because of her dressing. But if you dresses well decently and modestly you would attract a responsible man and of course marry on time.

4. Selective: Son ladies have designed their qualities that any man who wants to marry them must posses. For instance ladies often say I want to marry a tall guy, handsome, educated, holy ghost filled, naira loaded, employed just to mention a few. Doing this might make you loose your right husband. Some ladies keep selecting and when they realised they are old, they will start looking for any man who is willing to marry them even when he is married to three wives it does not matter. Stop being selective if you want to marry on time.

5. Excessive Demand: As a lady if your are fond of demanding much from guys you would keep moving from one guy to another. Most men run away from ladies who demand a lot from them. When some ladies are in relationship with guys they take it as employment where money to settle all their demands can be obtained. When a man discovers that you have excessive demand desire he will take to his heel because he would think you are a problem or liability to him. Don't be greedy but rather be contented with what you have and stop begging from men.

6. Unsmiling Face: A lady who frauds her face always would make herself "no go area." Therefore any man that looks at her unhappy face will be afraid to approach her. To avoid being a victim of late marriage you should always have a smiling face.

7. Bad Hygiene: If a guy visited your destination and found out everywhere is dirty, he would smell a rat. This alone can chase him away. Moreover, some ladies can't even cook. A good woman should learn to be domesticated. Don't be lazy try by all means to train yourself to be neat in order to change your bad hygiene or dirty character.

8. Too Much Visitation: Some ladies think it is a way of expressing their their love to guys when they visit them frequently. But reverse is the case because too much visitation of a lady can make relationship boring. It would make the union unattractive and in due time the love he had for you will die down. I am not saying visitation is not good but when water pass garri it can be problematic.

9. Too Loose: A good number of ladies are too loose to men which may either be for money or material things. Do you think is possible for a lady who is too loose to every man that comes across her to marry on time? A loosed lady does not have self discipline especially in terms of sex. Any man who had an affair with you would think that's your lifestyle and he would drop you after satisfying his desire. Don't engage in premarital sex otherwise you would end up marrying late or not married if you continue.

10. Nagging Habit: If you always find faults incessantly and talk too much you're in for it. A nagging lady is a persistent source of annoyance and distraction to her man. If a man finds out that you're like that he would run away from you because he knows that you would be a problem to him when he married you.

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