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3 Causes Of Divorce In Marriage Nowadays, Especially In Nigeria

Nowadays we see different marriages turning upside down, and even some result to divorce, which makes me do my study and research on this divorce issues in our society

First we must all have it in mind that marriage is a job itself which requires a lot of hard work from the two parties to make it last and sweet, well according to my research it seemed young people get into marriage nowadays without the rightful preparation and the knowledge of what marriage means, they think marriage is just about throwing a big party and to be called (MR and MRS), well young couples should be well prepared not just for the fun but also for the problems that comes along with it, many marriages have crashed because of some problems, some of the problems are minor ones while some are bigger ones.

However this are the 3 major causes of divorce in our society:-

1:- misunderstanding yes misunderstanding can cause a huge problem to marriage life, when the two parties misunderstand themselves this can lead to some serious problems or even leads to divorce, one should be very patient in any misunderstanding cases especially when it comes to rumour news from friends or relatives.

2:- forgiveness. Another serious problem comes when two people can't forgive each other, this happens often in any relationships, when one party wronged the other, especially when it affects the relationship deeply, the only solution that can solve the problem is only forgiveness, when you can't learn to forgive one another it may lead to divorce also.

3:- lack of affection and attention, this can also lead to divorce, when one lack the attention or affection of the other, many marriages have crashed because of this problem, many people lack attention in their marriage or relationship, however couples should always pay attention to each other, in this way thier marriage can stand and last forever.

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