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Guy Calls off Marriage Arrangements. Says his Fiancé Called him an Illiterate

People always take jokes seriously and it is mostly seen on the part of guys. Relationships clash because the two lovers are always at doggerheads because of jokes or one statement either of them made.

Marriages aren't left out two. Most marriages are apart because of what either the wife or the husband said jokingly. When the person at the receiving end doesn't don it funny then problem arises.

On the internet, stories arise on daily basis. Stories of clashing relationships and ending marriages.

A guy, known for always telling stories on Facebook, took to his Facebook page as usual to narrate the story of how the girl he loved called him an Illiterate. According to his story, the Girl called him an Illiterate because he always speak Igbo whenever they're a discussing.

He narrated; "There's this girl. Fine girl. We always have our physical discussions in Igbo. She's good at it too. Me, no doubts, my Igbo is so crude.

So this morning, I sent her a VN on WhatsApp. I spoke English throughout. Girl was shocked. Said she can't believe that I can speak English in this life. Aaaah. I told her it was me. She still didn't believe me. Said it's unbelievable.

See Girl that I was planning to do small sontin on her head is indirectly calling me an illiterate. I'm not doing again. She will tey in her papa house".

Truly, the guy took it too far. This is a joke coming from his girlfriend and he shouldn't call off the relationship just because of the simple joke.

What do you think about this? Did the guy go top far? Do you think he is serious or joking?

Content created and supplied by: JaybeeAnochi (via Opera News )

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