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10 Qualities Of A Good Nurse For Marriage Or Relationship.

Most times we vowed never to have anything marriage with a particular profession due to one personal reason or the other.

I have heard a man saying that he can't marry a nurse because they are not good for marriage and some other complaints he listed as a reason. 

Today I want to make us understand that if you meet a nurse with the qualities I listed below, you will enjoy your marriage.

I have a female friend who is a nurse and by staying with her I'm convinced that there are nurses who have these characters and they can make good wife.

1) Nurses are talented and hardworking people. A good and quality nurse is always determined to deliver, she doesn't play with her profession.

A nurse can work for hours in an odd time, such as midnight when people are sleeping. This makes them hard working professionals. Not everyone can be a nurse whether by training or by a certificate. If she is not determined for it; she can't deliver. Getting married to someone who can stand with you at any point in time in life, is very important.

2) They are good listeners. A nurse can listen to all your complaints and know what you need and how to attend to you. Nurses are always patient no matter what the situation is at hand. Imagine if you are married with someone who is a good listener, someone who is always patient to act, your marriage will be one of the best in your neighborhood because this is one of the livewires of marriage and relationship.

3) Nurses are good observant. Being observant is one of the key qualities of a nurse, and this is very important in every marriage or relationship.

4) Nurses are good teammates. They work together, they are always a good team player. Marrying a nurse who has this attributes means a lot to your marriage. This means that you can't be allowed to work alone, the load of the family will not only be on your shoulder, both Financially, spiritually and physically.

5) Nurses are medically trained both physically, emotionally and mentally. This simply means that getting married to a nurse, your health challenges don't have to be worst before it can be taken care of. Automatically you have less medical issue because you are married to a medical personnel who can advise you when necessary. 

6) They are trained to be compassionate in their dealing with anyone. You may have observed that nurse don't be rude, never harsh and autocratic because they are trained to be compassionate.

A nurse at any point in time can understand and share with your pain, your heartache, your mental health issue, it will be hard for a nurse to play with your emotional and this is important in marriage and not marrying someone who doesn't know how to carefully handle your heart.

7) They are always hygienic, attractive and respectful. Because of the nature of their profession, they are always neat both in and out. You will hardly see or hear about a nurse that's having STI or STD. The appearance of a nurse is always attractive both in uniform or not. Marrying someone who is always neat both in her body and inside her home is one of the important factors to consider in marriage.

8) A nurse has a good sense of belonging. Every nurse knows when to exaggerate issues. They know when to involve a third party into any situation. Getting married to a nurse, automatically your marriage challenge will not be heard or handle with a third-party.

9) A nurse knows when she is needed in a situation, she knows when her attention is urgently required, when her words need to be heard. Getting married to someone who will not allow or wait for you to complain before she will do what she is supposed to do is important as this will make you not to always complain about her.

10) Nurses are good care givers. They also know how to attend to the needs of children and how speak and calm down a child whoes need is not urgently taken care of. With this, it is certain that you are getting married to someone who can be a good mother to your children.

Marrying a nurse that has these qualities will create for you the chance to enjoy your marriage.

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