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Opinion: Men, Here Are 3 Ways To Get A Lady Who’s Out Of Your League

Every man desire to get the woman of their dreams. A man may love a woman so much but would never approach her, instead, he’d be doing it from afar.

He will crush, fancy and knows her like the back of his palms and still end up not expressing himself to her simply because  he feels she’s way out of his league.

The truth is most women melt with act of kindness and care so even when you as a guy think she’s out of your league, your kind may just be her spec but how will you know when you’ve not summoned the courage to express yourself?

One thing you should never forget as a man is that, a man will always be a man. You’re the head and have an inbuilt manly ego. So don’t be intimidated by her class, properties, place of work and achievement. 

If you want her so bad, let me show you ways you can win her heart.


Working class and independent ladies don’t appreciate men who are intimidated by their achievements. If you think she’s out of your league and you have access to her, do away with all sort of intimidation.

In fact, when you see her, tell her how proud you are of her achievements and how you’d like to be in her life. 

Every woman loves a man who can take charge , so once she can feel you’re not intimidated, she will make you feel

More comfortable around her. 


Some men, in a bid to prove themselves worthy of her love, go about borrowing cars, houses, wears etc.

Be yourself and be confident about it. Do not try to impress her with things that aren’t yours. She will feel bad when she finally discovers who you truly are. That alone can ruin your chances forever.

No need to fake it bro. If she’s gonna love you, she will love you for who you are.


The reason why you’ve been scared to approach her is because you’re afraid she’d say NO.

You feel she’s way higher than you and she will definitely reject you. Come off it bro!

Stop quitting even before trying. Always remember say “she no carry Fire for head” 

She’s a human just like you. So brace up, feel confident and go win her heart. Your confidence alone may give higher chances of winning her over.

In conclusion, as a man, once you see anyone woman you want, go for her as long as you’re going to act like a perfect gentleman. No intimidation, no faking, no fear, just approach her already.

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Content created and supplied by: EllaJika (via Opera News )


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