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Stanel Host Stanel Petrochemical Group Business Forum in Anambra State

Stanel Oil Ltd hosted Stanel Petrochemical Group Business Forum in Awka, Anambra State on Wednesday, 18th of December, 2019. The programme took place at the Stanel Event Centre. 

The purpose of this programme is to discuss on petrochemical business venture, entrepreneurship goals in the state and how youths can take charge and learn from this through various successful entrepreneurs and prominent people in the state and nation present- who have evolved in the business and beyond in order to enable them become better entrepreneurs. 

In attendance were The Governor of Anambra State Chief Willie Obiano, Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Culture & Tourism Sally Mbanefo, Stanley Uzochukwu CEO of Stanel Oil Ltd, Obi of Onitsha Nnaemeka Achebe, Commissioner of Youths and Empowerment, other Commissioners. Barrister Uju Ifejika,Emeka Okwuosa MD of OilServe, Prof Pat Utomi (CEO Centre for Value in Leadership) , SAN Emeka Itieba etc

The forum was lead by the keynote speaker Emeka Okwuosa (CEO OilServ Ltd). In beggining his speech talks about the values of being an entrepreneur... he also states yhat “Nigeria has not been successful in producing petrochemical entrepreneurs” says Emeka Okwuosa. Mr Emeka Okwuosa embroiled that we need to continually act and change our mindset if we are to be successful entrepreneur. In addition provide quality universal education, provide incentives programmes to develop petrochemical and technical projects, revive tech centers, improve the mindset of youths as well as improve teachers quality of teaching and restructure schools.

The CEO of OilServ Ltd acknowledged his achievements towards setting oil stands, pipelines and the oil serv committee as CPC. These projects according him enables him the first to set a pipeline in eastern Nigeria.

He remarks his company for employing 100% of Nigerians. Following the company’s attitude. He acknowledged that Oilserv has people on scholarship both abroad and home based and according to him more than 500 people have passed through. In the same aspect his company preceded the building of roads around Ifite and other cities in Awka etc

Mr Okwuosa gives a five points process an entreprenuer shoul have; you should believe in yourself, never allow challenges to surface you, acquire knowledgable and technical skills, maintaining a balance between your health and mind, show compassion towards your workers and the youth and trust in God Almighty and imbibe in his teachings.

Chief Obiano his Excellency of the State came on stage to make his speech. The governor was proud to see dignitaries in attendance by mentioning their presence as well as the youths, he later revealed his meeting with Stanley (Stanel Ltd CEO) earlier at the villa. As a good guy, who wanted to invest in Jos, but he convinced him to invest in Anambra State; today considering the advise adhered, truly he came, he saw and conquered as elaborated by the governor. In that successive process Mr Stanley wants to set up the biggest enterprise in poultry around one of the cities and many more for trading and importation.

"This topic is very important" as Obiano opined. Ina addition The governor said that he doesn’t believe that the youth are the leaders of tomorrow he believes that the youth are the leaders of today. He also enclosed on the changes taken place in the school curriculums which enable children to be inventors and creators of software devices. 

He confronts that this forum should be used to educate the wealthy in the society to sustain its business and learn the new things taking place which they are ignorant of.

The Governor states that youths must be pushed into the technical, security sector for national and individual building. In his words "Knowledge is not power, knowledge is utilized. You must apply the knowledge to become power" says the Governor. He state admiration for the programme embarked by Stanel Group and continues to state that youth should listen and take note at the programme.

Chief Willie Obiano reminds the youth to shun cultism as well as the effort the state government is making to put a halt to it because it wouldn’t lead them anywhere except to hell. He says “avoid it by all mean because it will lead you to hell... That is Tltwo hells, one on earth and the other”, moreover, it got the crowd laughing.

Before he opened the event. The Governor also used the opportunity to wish everyone a beautiful Christmas and Happy New Year! 

Prof Pat Utomi who was in a hurry to catch a flight comes on to make brief statements before he takes his leave. He says real development takes place where there is a coordination of the private sector (good ones), public sector (which has a enabling environment) and PDA's.

One of the problems is not articulating this sectors. He believes that all of them combined requires one to have an approach to all of them. In response to that Mr Pat says he has a private and public sector track which has also enabled him to become an ambassador with top sectors and leaders of the nation.

However,moving on he concurs that one of the biggest regulators affecting the development of entrepreneurship is government. “Government is the biggest danger to entrepreneur/business development in this country” Says the professor. He provides examples of two states which are Ogun and Enugu states respectively towards their entrepreneurship growth.

He makes a remark from his book- Managing Uncertainty: Competition Strategies in Emerging Economies; That the social environs can't be sustained by environment conditions, it has to be alleviated by raising environmental development then set the boundaries for the environment. In addition if you don't have an excitement of the private and public sector accomplishment together you may not understand it at all. In corresponding it to youths, the professor says if the focus is on money or our drive is money in the business sector you may and wont get it all. And inorder to sustan the business sector, first is to have a regulatory capture... Which creates environmental opportuinties may likely cause a disruption and many companies have been successful with such initiative.

He provides as example using the popular Raghu Ajan, a well known economist who wrote a book titled "Saving Capitalism from Th Capitalist". The book entails that the only way for one to avoid the new rise of capitalism from the youths is to reduce the incumbent control and provide social safety nets for economic opportunities. In the book he gives an example of one of the successful capitalist that made a breakthrough which is Bill Gates The Founder of Microsoft.

"Entrepreneurship is about solving problems and getting values for the problems solved" as defined Pat Utomi to the public. Another definition comes from the Japanese as "A man who falls 7 times and gets up" he uttered.

Barrister Uju Ifejika who is among the speakers at the event says that entrepreneurship should not be ventured to by the approach of others. One has to discover himself before embarking on it. Because individual visions aren't the same.. One’s vision is different from others as accentuated by Uju.

She revealed she didn't embark into oil industry at first, She began with her profession as a Barrister before venturing into the oil and gas sector. Neither did she know the process and requirements but it took her a while to understand.

In continua she emphasized using families saying that not everyone in a family may likely engage in entrepreneurship, however, there will always be a stand out in the family as the smartest one. That the one who is into business will be successful if he takes it seriously. In addition “For you to take that leap of faith you have to be reay tto take some fireworks. You must make God the foundation of everything you are doing!” says the Barrister. 

She concludes that anything she wants to do, she puts it before God and if no one does, he/she is wasting time. Therefore, one is deemed to fail in entrepreneurship without relating it with God because God owns you, you our life and preceeds everything. 

Apparently many wait for Godfathers or recognition before engaging in entrepreneurship. She admits that is absolutely rubbish. Inclusively she averse that one doesn’t need to copy.. Be creative. Regardless to supporr her claim shean elaboreates her past about her classmate who used to copy from her because he was retarded. In her last words you can be a tailor or anybody else just make sure you have a vision.

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