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A Picture of 2 Nigerian Police Officers carrying Electronic Warfare Jammers, a signal disruptor

A picture showing two Nigerian security operatives carrying electronic warfare jammers emerged online.

The two (2) Nigerian Police officers were equipped with electronic warfare jammers which can be very useful during communication disruption or interference of any desired signal in a given location.

A communication warfare jammer is a device that is introduced as a signal disruptor or interference through the use of an electromagnetic spectrum. This process obstructs the recovery or dispersal of information because the information contained in the desired signal is overwhelmed by the power of the jamming signal.

According to the picture of the two Nigerian security operatives seen with an electronic jamming device, one Nigerian Police officer was putting on electronic headphones likely wired to another portable device attached to his waist.

The other Nigerian Police Officer was seen with a device alleged to be a communication jammer that has elected antenna’s on its top.

What can you say regarding the use of communication jammers in fighting illegal activities in the country?

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