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The Atacama desert, a region in Chile where there was no rain fall in more than 400 years

It is a fact that the Earth is covered with 70 percent water and 30percent land, making our planet the only place that can accept life. In as much as many parts of the world are favourable for humans, animals and plants to live and survive, there are also other places where life would be impossible.

The Atacama desert in Chile is believed to be the driest place on earth and the reason is very obvious due to the fact that the region has seen the least rainfall than any other place on earth.

Located in the northern part of Chile in South America, the Atacama desert covers a land area of 128,000km², which is nearly twice the size of Niger state, the largest state in Nigeria with an area of 76,000km². The Atacama us now known as the driest place in the world with an average rainfall being around 15mm(0.6in) per year, even though there are places in the desert that have never seen rain.

Evidence also suggests that the Atacama hasn't received any significant rainfall from 1570 to 1971, which was a period of 400 years without rain. The place is so dry and hot that scientists use it to perform experiments on how they think the surface of Mars would look like, in what they called Mars Expedition Simulation. Remember that Mars is one of the hottest and driest planets in the solar system, and the Atacama desert looks just like it.

Scientists also believe that the region has been that condition for more than 3million years, which thereby makes it it the oldest desert in the world.

Just as you might expect, there is nothing significant living in the desert as the environment is too harsh for plants and animals to survive. However, there are plants that are designed to survive very harsh conditions so plants like shrubs, ferns and salt bush survive here.

A visit to the Sahara sounds scary enough yet the Atacama makes the whole thing even scarier.

What do you think? Do you see yourself visiting there one day?

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