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The Way Forward For Nigeria And How We Can Achieve It.

Nigeria is a Nation with three major tribes, Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa. Also with two major religions, Christianity and Islam. The major problem we have in Nigeria is Tribalism and Religion.

Until we see ourselves as one Nigeria there will be no peace. Yoruba man must see Igbo man like his brother and Igbo man must see Hausa man as his brother. When there is love among us there will be no room to kill, there will be no room to destroy.

Our leaders must understand that the reason why they are there is to make the lives of Nigerians better, there are there to serve us not to enslave us. Those that are killing should stop and let's come together as one Nigeria and plan on how to move the nation forward. God has blessed Nigeria with crude oil, Cocoa, palm oil, Timber, and many other minerals which if we manage well we may become the richest country in Africa.

Let's wake up and make Nigeria great, she has the potential to be among the great countries in the world.

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