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Check Out The IMO State 20-Year-Old Nigerian Who Built A Motor-bike That Looks Like A Helicopter

Skill is the best thing that can fetch you money in this 21st century, this century is more of technology, everything that we use is mostly made in such a way to help improve our lives. The ability for you to convert your skills into something important in our society makes you valuable. A young lad had demonstrated his unsophisticated skills by building several automobiles including a motorbike that looks like a helicopter. His Talent has made a way for him as he got the attention of an IMO-Based philanthropist who had so much interest in him, promising him a better future in fulfillment of his dreams. Kenneth is indeed destined to create a lot of technological impact in our society. The president of the Ugwuba Center for Leadership Development in Africa(UCLDA) considered his skills and has decided to support his future aspiration to ensure he takes technology to another level in Nigeria. Kenneth Akobundu is from Umuezeala, Ehime Mbano, IMO State. His Talent cannot be overemphasized as he made a motorbike that looks like a helicopter and remote-controlled toy cars.

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