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A letter to the Federal government suggesting some solutions to the state of insecurity in Nigeria

The incessant killing of innocent lives in Nigeria has raise a cause for alarm. Everyday, one wakes up to the disheartening news of kidnapping and banditry. Several attempt has been made to curb the menace but all proved abortive. From the northern part of Nigeria to the southern and western part , kidnapping and banditry has pose a serious threat to our lives.

Hence I would like to suggest some solutions that could possibly solve the issue of insecurity battling our nation.1. Secure our borders.

As we've known that insecurity poses a great threat to the stability of our nation,it is very important to protect our borders. Most weapons used by kidnappers and banditry men are products of the insecure borders. Government should ensure our borders are well protected not only that but also the goods coming into the country should be properly checked.

Apart from that, the unsecured borders serve as a route for strangers and foreigners in which they come into our nation for evil purpose.

2. Foreign support from strong Nations.

Of course, Nigeria needs foreign support from other independent and strong nations especially the world powers. The battle of kidnapping and banditry we're facing in the country cannot be faced by us alone. We need to seek advice and help,get some of their military personnel and weapons. For instance, the United States of America is a country where the atmosphere is peaceful compared to our country. The federal government should try and seek support from them.

3. Provision of weapons for the citizens.

Well,it might sound stupid but it's also another way of curbing the serious threat to our country. I believe the citizens should possess a weapon or the other in order to protect ourselves from this inhumane act of kidnapping and banditry. In addition to this,we should be taught how to use it effectively.

4. The gospel of Jesus Christ should be preached to the arrested criminals.

I personally suggested that the gospel of Jesus Christ should be preached to the arrested criminals. To be precise, the words of salvation ,sanctification and the baptism of the holy spirit should be preached to them. Reverend pastors should be called upon to preach and pray for the criminals before they are prosecuted.

Finally, the most effective way to bring restoration and peace to Nigeria is to be prayerful individually. Whether you're a muslim,christian or a traditionalist,this country needs prayer.

What do you think?

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