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Two Technological Device The Nigerian Police Can Be Equipped With In Other To Curb Car Theft Crime

Technology has had an unimaginable and tremendous impact on human life since the dawn of civilization. Technology has proven to be the pillar and backbone of the 21st century and an indispensable part of our life.

From our homes down to our workplaces and even worship centers technology has proved to be the pillar of civilization.

Car theft is a criminal act of stealing or attempting to steal a motor vehicle, This is one of the most popular crimes in developing and developed nations of the world.

In more developed countries, police are well equipped with state-of-art technological equipment such as surveillance cameras, body cameras, automated license plate readers, gunshot detection systems, etc to help them curb such car theft crimes.

The Nigerian Police Force is regarded as one of the best on the African continent for its dedication to defending lives and property throughout the country. Since it was founded in 1930, it has been a vital law enforcement agency in the country.

In order not to bore your day with too many words, in this article I will be showing you two technological devices the NPF should be equipped within other to fight car theft.

(1.)RF Safe Stop System: This system stops the engine of a car by using the technology of sending an electronic impulse to the engines of any moving vehicle and bringing it to a stop without damaging the vehicle.

This is systems are very effective and does no damage to your stolen vehicle at the point of intersection. What it does is confuse the vehicle's electronic systems by sending radiofrequency pulses thereby bringing the vehicle to a safe stop.

The Rf safe stop system can work even at a range of 50km away from the stolen car and they are not only limited to cars but can also disable the engines of boats, motorcycles, tricycles, and anything that has an engine.

(2.) Grappler Bumper: As the name implies, they are car-stopping systems attached to the front of a police pursuit cars and stops a stolen car on the run. it shoots a net that goes under the wheel of the stolen car and eventually bringing it to a stop.

They are one of the nastiest and ruthless car chasing systems ever made because while in the chase they drag the axle of the vehicle to a stop while destroying the tires.

I believe if the Nigerian police are equipped with the above two technological devices most especially the RF safe stop system, The war against crime( car theft) will be greatly reduced.

What are your thoughts about the systems? Let me know in the comment section.

Thanks for your time.

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