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[OPINION] Alleged Killing Of Two Soldiers In Oguta: An Eye For An Eye Makes The World Blind

Two wrongs will never equal a right, which is why we are urged to let the law take its course rather than enforcing laws ourselves. According to a Facebook video, angry youths took the law into their own hands in retaliation after a villager was allegedly killed by a soldier in Oguta.

In their rage, these youths set fire to a military van, killing two soldiers in the process. As we all know, retaliatory attacks are actions taken by someone or a group as a form of retaliation against their attacker.

However, their actions are heinous, and they would not even bring the villager who was killed back to life. It is heartbreaking to lose a loved one, but taking the life of another as retaliation is cruel and should not be encouraged.

Those responsible for such evil should be apprehended and prosecuted. For others to learn a lesson. Nobody has the exclusive right to decide who lives and who dies.

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