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Road Accident

Check Out What Was Spotted On A Lopsided Truck Carrying Loads Of Goods Which Sparked Reactions

Road accidents are often caused most at times due to the carelessness of motorists and cyclists who failed to do what should be done earlier to prevent an unfortunate event from taking place. People tend to complain most times with the blames that bad roads are one of the major causes of road accidents while forgetting that most of the problems they encounter when making use of the roads often emanated from them.

This very incident was what applied to the recent video clip which has already gone viral on social media. The purported video showed the moment that a heavy truck carrying goods weighing thousands of Kilos was seen driving lopsidedly while accommodating the whole road space. Following through the clip of the incident which reportedly happened in Lagos, the truck was observed to be moving with one of its rims as one of the tyres which were meant to give it support, and a swift movement seems to be gone.

Shortly after the video circulated online, so many reactions have trailed this act of carelessness by the truck driver who seems to be putting himself and the safety of other road users in jeopardy.

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