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"If You Give Criminals Money, They Will Come Back For More" - Fulani Man(Video)

A Fulani man and a senator who represented the Yobe South constituency at Yobe state house of assembly has spoken against the practice of giving money as settlement to criminals when they commit crimes. Speaking in a interview with AIT, he first of all talked about something that he has always been consistent about - the stereotyping of the Fulani tribe because of the crimes of criminals, bandits and killer herdsmen. He reminded Nigerians that not all Fulani men are criminal and the Fulani tribe should not be seen as criminals because of the excesses of a few members of the tribe.

He then went on to talk about giving ransoms and money as settlement for criminals. In the interview, he kicked against that because in his words, giving a criminal money will never satisfy them. He went further to say that if you give money to criminals, they will come back to as for more when they have exhausted it. Asked how the criminals can be identified, he said that those who are associated with vices such as killing, maiming and raping are the criminals.

When he was further asked how the government should approach the insecurity situation in the North, he advised against the use of force. He maintained that force has so far not worked with Boko Baram so that should not be an option. He then said that the solution would be to sit them down and ask them what they really want and what their grievances are. He sees their activities as acts of vengeance which cannot be dealt with by giving financial compensations.

Click to watch VIDEO of interview.

Mr Adamu Garba has always been a vocal critic of those who criminalize the entire Fulani tribe because of the excesses of a few people. But he does not agree with giving money to criminals. What are your thoughts? Drop a comment.

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