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What You Should Demand From Any Nigerian Police Trying To Arrest You

While crimes are almost inevitable in every society, so is arrest. This prompted the need for this article to help you know your stands in the event of an arrest.

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The Nigerian police are saddled with the responsibility of maintaining peace and order in every part of the country, they are also constitutionally bound to make arrest.

We have had a series of occasions in different parts of the country where police arrest people without following due process. Most of these arrests often land innocent people into trouble.

As a civil and law-abiding citizen of Nigeria, there are certain rights you hold and should demand from any police officer trying to arrest you.

In this article, we shall be looking at two important things any Nigeria citizen can demand from any policeman trying to arrest him/her.

1. The reason For Arrest

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It is within your constitutional right that any police trying to arrest you should be able to tell you your offence or crime. In a situation where the police did not do so, you have the right to demand that he tell you the reason for your arrest.

2. Warrant Of Arrest

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It is unconstitutional for the police to arrest you in any part of the country without presenting a warrant of arrest.

The police can arrest you without presenting a warrant only if the crime is committed before the police, or you try to escape custody. Unless on this special occasion, the police should present an arrest warrant to you.

Remember, the arrest warrant must be signed by a magistrate or a senior police officer.

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In a situation where the police fail to present a warrant, you have every right to demand that he do so.

Knowing your right, as a citizen of Nigeria, goes a long way in defending and keeping you safe from unseen circumstances.


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