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How Unknown Gunmen Stormed a Mosque in Niger State and Shot Dead 18 Worshipers at Close Range

Photo Credit: Today

Despite the best efforts of the Nigerian government and the country's gallant troops and other security operatives to quell insecurity, not much success has been achieved so far. 

Just recently, the town of Maza-Kuka in the Mashegu Local government area of Niger State was thrown into deep mourning after 18 people were killed in a dastardly manner by unknown gunmen. 

According to a recent report in Punch newspapers, the victims were gunned down during prayers in a mosque and several others escaped with injuries.

Photo Credit: Thisday

This report will analyse how the gunmen carried out the wicked act and the implication on the affected community and society at large.

According to reports the unknown gunmen storms the community on several bikes and headed straight to the local mosque where scores of people gathered for early morning prayers called Subhi.

As soon as they gained entry, they started shooting at the closed range, killing 18 people in the process. Some escaped into the bush with injuries.

Photo Credit: The Conversation

It is not clear why the gunmen carried out the killings, but this is a clear indication of the high level of insecurity around the country.

Why Nigerian Security Operatives Need to do More

This situation again highlights the fact that most Nigeria lives under a heavy cloud of insecurity and can no longer do basic things like attending morning prayers without fearing for their lives.

This is why the country's security operatives need to do more. Whatever strategy they have been using up until now is not working, so they need a new approach and new thinking.

Photo Credit: Premium Times

Agreed that it might be almost impossible to provide physical security in all locations in the country, but what about using more intelligence. By developing a robust intelligence system, the security operatives can become proactive and they will be able to tackle cases of insecurity even before they occur. 

Also, this kind of attack is another reason why the federal government should reform the police system and adopt community policing. Community policing is a concept used in many parts of the world with success, so there is no reason why it will not work here.

Photo Credit: Today

Whatever the government needs to do to stop these continued killings should be done now.

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