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Another Famous Igbo Medical Doctor, Lawrence Ezenwa, Killed In The South-East

The coming of Terrorism and Banditry into the shores of NigerIa has brought about the most nightmarish experience that her people have been unfortunate to have. Needless to iremind us that the two societal menaces have destroyed tens of thousands of innocent souls, as well as vandalized invaluable amount of property. And while they ought to be more specific to the Northern part of the country, what have been happening in the South-East in recent times is simply dumbfounding.

Since the past couple of months, the five South-Eastern States of NigerIa have become like theatres of war where life is nothing different from minced meat. And although, there was already some tenseness in the land of the Igbo people, it was nothing compared to what has been the case since the Independent People of Biafra (IPOB) the secessionist group founded its security wing which is known as the Eastern Security Network (ESN) late last year.

As security continues to degenerate in the Igboland of the South-East, there have been quite a number of uncalled-for and unprovoked assassinations of great Igbo indigens. And the last two of such ones are the husband of the Professor Dora Akunyili of blessed memory, Dr Chike Akunyili, and Dr Lawrence Ezenwa who was also a Chieftain of the PDP. Suffice to mention that the two foremost Medical Doctors from the Igbo descent were shot to their untimely deaths less than a week apart from each other.

Late Dr Chile Akunyili

Late Dr Lawrence Ezenwa

While the IPOB is always the first suspect to come to people's minds whenever a killing takes place in the South-East, they have persistently denied such allegation. And albeit, on the other way round, the unknown gunmen are then being fingered as the perpetrators of the life-taking crime, the question that remains unanswered are: who are the so-called unknown gunmen? And are they really unknown?

Whoever is responsible for the dastardly act of taking innocent lives of the Igbo indigens, including those of the high profile ones, in their land, such one(s) must be stopped before the land is pulled back by three hundred years. And to do this, the Igbo leaders must expedite solution-finding actions to it. They just do not have to continue keeping mum without making any moves to ensure that whosoever if found culpable is brought to justice.

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