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Video: Man Battles Bank After Being Scammed Of N100k By Men Who Pretended To Be Working With The Bank

An Instagram user has taken to the social media platform to narrate how a man stormed a commercial bank to demand for a refund of his money after he was apparently scammed by faceless individuals who posed as the bank's representatives.

In the scheme which turned out to be false, the unfortunate man was assured that his N100,000 naira would be flipped to N1,000,000 naira in a matter of hours. He felt he had hit the jackpot since they told him they were working with the bank. Assured of the safety and legitimacy of the transaction, he instantly committed his N100,000 to the scheme.

After waiting for hours and nothing was forth coming form them, he decided to go to the bank to demand what went wrong. He wanted a refund of his N100,000 or they fulfill their part of the arrangement. 

He was promptly informed that he is a customer of another bank and not their bank customer so nothing could be done. As seen in the video, the man would not have any of that so he decided to create a scene which prompted the bank to involve security operatives to arrest the situation.

This guy's situation is rather laughable as he was not compelled to do a transaction with some faceless individuals. After he had committed a serious blunder, he wants to involve a bank who was not privy to the untoward transaction.

It is needful to state that care should be taken so that one does not fall prey of these scammers who daily perpetrate their devilish acts and swindle unsuspecting individuals of their hard earned funds.

Content created and supplied by: OlukayodeDamien (via Opera News )


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