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Why those caught taking food, petrol and supplies to bandits should also be treated as bandits.

The war against bandits and kidnappers have been intense in northwest region of Nigeria, strict security measures have been taken in states that are prone to bandit attacks and the military seem to be going all out for the agents of terror. However, some citizens and crime associates seem to be frustrating the efforts and measures kept in place by the military to ensure that the bandits are frustrated and starved to surrender.

Bandit accomplices arrested by security operatives.

Many culprit have been apprehended over the past few weeks by security operatives for trying to smuggle food, petrol and other supplies to the bandits whose source of supplies has been cut off. Meanwhile, there have been lots of debates on what would be the perfect punishment to be melted out to the bandits accomplices who are currently in police custody, I will like to say they should be treated as bandits, they deserve the same punishment melted out on bandits and below are the reasons I said so:

- They are not just aiding agents of terror, they are also part of those terrorizing the community.

For them to be supplying food items and fuel to the bandits, this means they are very close to the bandits, they are not just aiding and assisting them with supplies, they are also passing informations and logistics to the bandits in the bush because they don't know what is going on in the town. They are part of the banditry network because they are the informants, the eyes and ears of the bandits hence they can't be treated differently from the bandits.

- They are betrayals of their own people.

Mother and child caught taking fuel to bandits.

Several bandits accomplice are people who have been living in the community or area for a while but they decided to aid in the terrorizing of their own people, they are betrayals of their own people and they should get the same punishment as the bandits because the bandits cannot thrive without these informants and helpers who chose to betray their own people. It will be reasonable to conclude that they also have their own share of crime proceeds hence they are part of the crime syndicate and should not be treated differently, irrespective of the gender of the accomplice.

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