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Borno State Governor Recruited Local Vigilantees Who Knows The Terrains And Hideout Of Boko Haram.

Borno State Governor recruited local Vigilantees who knows the terrains and hideout of BH, they have been empower with weapons and a stipend of N40,000 monthly from the state security votes.

This are the kind of leadership with responsibility and have will and zeal to secure his people. What are the rest waiting for?

Nigeria will succeed against this trying time of insecurities Inshallah.

See some comments from different people about this issue after recruiting local Vigilantees in the state.

Generally Nigerian Governors are not doing enough to reduce the discontent that's fueling unrest or to keep their respective states safe.

This is the same thing GYB is doing in Kogi State that we are enjoying relative peace. Some governors will collect monthly security vote, go on a sleeping mode and start blaming Buhari when things go bad in their respective States.

The rest are waiting for federal government to come and help them. They lack foresight. Some are doing some are not the only thing the governors are not advised to assist, they are misleading by these we complement and supplement, they only talk about themselves during security's council meeting forgetting volunteers who are assisting them.

If all states are utilizing their securities votes, the way Yahaya Bello of Kogi state is doing, the issue of insecurities will have been history by now. Instead of paying boys good money to secure your state you prefer paying the money as ransom to kidnappers.who is deceiving who.

How will you be collecting security votes and can't secure your state and calling Buhari? I think the federal government should withdrew the security votes of any state governor that falls to perform in terms of security.

My question is that the security vote they're given those State Governors is for what? Because I don't really understand what the funds is met for any little security challenges in the states. The Governors will be calling federal government and the money is running to billions.

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