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Video: Thief Who Tried To Steal In A Church Electrocuted

I don't understand why people do not fear God nowadays, because if they do that they will not go inside the house of God to steal. Maybe it because God is slow to anger that is why they usually think that they can go scot-free if they steal inside the house of God. But usually, forget that God wants them to repent and forsake their evil way, but if they do not forsake their way they might face God's wrath and which is something nobody wants to face.

However, back to the main discussion of this article, a video was shared by a blogger named gossipmillnaija on Instagram, and the video contains a dead thief who was electrocuted after he went inside a church to steal. 

And this video of the thief who was electrocuted in the church after he was trying to steal in the church has caused a reaction from people online.

Here are people reactions to the video;

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