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Wherever You Are This Saturday Morning, Declare these powerful prayer points

Kingdom is a country with a king and people under him, Satan the ruler of this world, from the fall of man in the garden of Eden He frustrated all prophets, kings and people of God tn the wilderness. He tormented them with sickness, bareness and death, that is why God sent His Son as a king to come to save rule and restore their relationship with God. When the kingdom of God commenced, Jesus started preaching the truth, healmg the sick, raising the dead.

Satan and his demons stood against Jesus, arrested Him and crucified Him, but to God be the glory and power on the third day, He rose from the grave He fought against principalities and powers of darkness, and He overceme them That is why you need to surrender your life totally to Jesus and be born-again. In God’s kingdom, there is power, glory, dominion freedom, victory and blessings.

If you want to be a partaker of all these promises of God, you need to run back to Jesus and be a child of God. If you are in Gods kingdom, no power can prevail over your life, home and your work.

Let's Pray

1. Every negative kingdom warring against my life be destroy in Jesus name

2. All the evil kingdoms that is ruling my life, home and ministry, be consumed by fire in Jesus name.

3. All the agents of darkness in charge of my life, die in Jesus name

4, Oh! Lord, let thy kingdom come; the kingdom of peace, joy, glory, blessing and dominion into my life

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