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Opinion: 2 Questions That Need Answers After The Federal Govt Approved A New Policy For Tollgates

It is no longer news that the issue of toll gates across the country has been put on hold for over 18 years.

Before the demolition of the tollgates, they provided safe and conducive resting places for weary motorists and their passengers. They had eateries and also provided a one-day accommodation for motorists who did not feel safe enough to continue their journey late at night.

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But on Wednesday, the Federal government through the Minister of Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola approved a new policy for tollgates on Federal roads across the country.

Fashola mentioned that apart from using the toll collected to maintain the roads, it will be used to construct new ones while the toll system will be electronically driven for transparency. But I think two questions need answers while the new policy for toll gates is being implemented.

1. Do We Have Good Federal Roads?

For the toll gates to return, I think the federal government should discharge one critical obligation. Traveling on almost all federal roads is a major challenge. They should fix the federal roads and then consider the return of the toll gates. It would be unfair for motorists to pay money even after a bad experience on the road.

2. How Do We Supervise The Toll Collectors?

One other reason why the toll gates were held hostage was corrupt practices. The toll collectors used that as an avenue to enrich themselves and left the collection plates empty. The roads became dilapidated because there was no money to fix them. That was how the situation became pathetic. So now that they are bringing back tollgates across the country, how do we supervise these toll collectors to ensure that the money they return is exactly the amount they collected? This is another question the federal government needs to answer.

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