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The Impact Of The Covid-19 Pandemic On Nigerians And The Way Forward

Nigeria had its fair share of the harsh economic challenges as a result of the Nobel Covid-19 pandemic.

The Covid pandemic had started in December 2019 but first reported to be in Nigeria in early March after the country had recorded its first index case.

The pandemic came with lots of drama and hardship never experienced in the country. During this period Nigeria had no one to sell its crude oil to, which is the main source of revenue for the country.

Nigerians were forced to stay locked down when the recorded numbers of infection from the Nobel pandemic started to increase on a daily basis.

Schools, Churches, Businesses, Markets, social events and offices were closed down but a few essential service providers were let to go about their job saving and serving mankind.

Hunger was just at sight when prizes for foodstuff began to rise and the cost of transportation soared high.

Then came the so much announced palliatives for the assistance of the citizens while they remained in their homes locked down. These palliative were far from reality as it was announced that it was been shared and received by the citizens.

I for one happened to be in Abia state when I got locked down and as an applicant, I couldn't but find a way to survive the untold hardship which in my entire life, I had not experienced.

I waited for my own share of the 20k promised by the federal government but to no fulfilment. To reveal the truth, I struggled to feed with the cost of garri already at 1500 naira per 5 litre paint bucket.

As if this wasn't enough came the closure of inter-border movement I couldn't return home at least to where I could feed once a day.

The pandemic spelled doom for most Nigerians as depression and ill health began to set in. Most hospitals rejected sick people due to the fear of the corona virus.

Most businesses folded up because its running capital was expended for food to survive.

Despite that the country has returned to unrestricted movement, the shadow of the Covid-19 pandemic still looms with the supposed vaccine failing.

There could be another outbreak due to the vaccine failure yet we don't know what to do if this should occur.

Our economy looks like its revamping but the continuous reliance on crude oil remains to be a stumbling block to our survival in times of distress like the Covid-19.

I only but see it wise that our government begins to tap into the numerous natural wealth and become a diversified economy which could withstand the pressure of any future occurring pandemic.

Investment into agriculture, education, science and technology plus other natural resources at our disposal, we will become the force that we ought to be reckoned with.

I hope my little experience of the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown was insightful?

You can make this lively by Sharing your experience during the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown via the comments section below 👇🏾.

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