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Why is it Legal to Bet and Drink At the Age of 18?

In most countries of the world, You are legally considered to be an adult once you attain the age of 18. And since you have the right to vote, purchase firearms, marry, and even enlist in the military, then you are equally allowed to drink and bet on any game at the age of 18.

The most important reasons why the constitution legally allows you to drink at the age of 18 are:

1. If an 18-year-old is considered an adult, they should be able to enjoy an adult beverage

Since it's in the name; ADULT beverage

2. Being told you cannot drink only makes you want to drink more

Although this sounds childish, it is true about most people. Once you tell them something that they're not allowed to do, they'd become curious and will definitely want to do it with or without your permission, even though they weren't initially interested in doing that thing.

3.You have a little more resistance and strength to be able to control yourself in case you get drunk in the process.

At 18, you should be wise enough to know the kind of person you should go to or be with when you take too many drinks and can't control yourself anymore.

Lastly, if you are allowed to start drinking at the age of 18, before the age of 28, you would have been able to control your level of drinking and can even decide to limit it or stop it as decided by you.

And as for betting on games:

1. By the age of 18, you should at least be responsible for some of your needs.

You shouldn't be totally dependent on your parent or guardian at the age of 18, and by betting, you could make a fairly large amount of money that can keep you balanced for some days.

Lastly, an 18-year-old should be able to foot any of his betting expenses in case he gambles and loses the bet, he should be able to foot his bills without any issues or otherwise bear the consequences.

Fear God, Drink and Bet Responsibly!

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